7 Things I Do Every Morning as a Non-Morning Person

So let me preface all this by saying, I am NOT a morning person.
I have never been a morning person.
…(In fact, I can guarantee if my Mom is reading this, she just had a niiiiiiice little chuckle.)
But seriously, I am SO not a morning person, that my husband used to have this little JOKE he loved to say in the mornings…
He’d go: “Uh-oh, looks like somebody got her tommy guns out this morning!!!”
And then he’d mime a 1920s gangster shooting up a joint, and find it insanely hilarious.

(*insert UNAMUSED face* …
*insert eye roll* …
*insert laughter, bc …now it’s 5 years later, and I’m literally at a coffee shop before 7 AM, feeling alive and happy and writing a helpful blog post ABOUT WAKING UP EARLY.
the IRONY!!!!)

Anyways, I just felt I needed to preface this post with a BIG disclaimer.
That I’ve become a morning person out of necessity.
In fact, it feels almost wrong for me to give advice about waking early and doing cheerful, proactive, emotionally healthy things…
But after having a baby, it became clear that I needed to learn how to wake up early and greet the day before donning my:
Mom-hat, Wife-hat, Anxious-cleaner-hat, Cook-hat, Dog-mom-hat, Artist-hat, Daughter-hat, Friend-hat, Social-media-oversharer-hat, Blogger-hat, FibreShare-hat, and finally…my ME-HAT!

And it wasn’t easy.
But I would love to share with you what routine works for me, so that maybe it will help you with your morning routine, too.

And okay.. one more disclaimer…
If you are a new parent, and you’re reading this,
and you feel like waking early is just NOT possible.
Like you’re defeated and exhausted and feel envious of these parents who must be robot-people, waking at 5 AM and doing yoga and living their BEST LIVES (whatever-the-f*ck that actually means)…
Please know this:
I was JUST where you are 6 months ago.
And it’s completely ok if you are just not in a life stage that allows early waking.
I’m not going to try to tell you to push through, or that you’re not trying hard enough.
I’m literally saying, if it doesn’t feel right to wake early right now, that’s OK!
It might be healthiest for you to simply get the extra sleep!
The FIRST time I tried to wake early was actually on my daughter’s first birthday.
It took a year for me to even attempt doing this!
So keep your expectations low and take it slow!
Good luck, loves. Here’s what my morning usually looks like:

7 Things I Do Every Morning as a Non-Morning Person

1. Wake with my husband:

I’m a very heavy sleeper, and I typically don’t hear the alarm at all. So my husband always take charge of the alarm for both of us, and kindly nudges me around 6 AM saying, “Hey Honey, it’s 6.” And then I lay in bed for a few minutes, get some snuggles in, and….

2. Decide what I want and need that day:

I found it helps me get out of bed if I’ll be doing something I actually enjoy. And I need for this to be flexible.
Like, I used to try to journal every single morning, but… it felt stale sometimes. And I’m a capricious, emotional-type-person. …So I’ve accepted that my morning ritual needs to rotate and flow with my mood.

SO, usually the very first thought in my head when I wake up is: “What do I want to do this morning?”
I choose from a rotating array of creative rituals: journaling, drawing, and knitting.
And you know what?! Choosing a fun creative task gets me excited! And motivates me to drag my ass out of bed! Which brings me to…

3. Get dressed:

I like to get dressed first thing, which includes putting on a little makeup and doing my hair.
It doesn’t take me long, but it does help me feel more awake and ready to greet the day.
And more than that, I really like feeling put together when my daughter wakes up for the day.
When my basic physical needs are met, it’s much easier to greet her cheerfully and calmly.

4.Drink 2 huge glasses of water:

So after getting dressed, I go to the kitchen and force myself to gulp down 2 HUGE glasses of water. This is a Japanese ritual that I read about years ago, and it’s become a crucial part of my wake-up routine. It’s not pleasant, but just a few minutes after pounding some water, I feel SO fresh and awake, and it helps more than coffee alone. …which brings me to:

5. Coffee and creative self care time:

So next I pour myself a big cup of coffee and curl up in an armchair by the window, and journal or draw or knit, depending on my mood.

Sometimes I also light some palo santo and think about my intentions for the day.
For me, these are emotional goals, not to-do lists. Things like:

I will be an active listener.
I will find time for affectionate moments with my husband.
I will put my phone away and be totally present with my daughter during free-play.

6. Say hi to my community on social media:

At some point in my creative time, I like to hop on Instagram and say good morning to my community! This felt really weird at first, but it makes me happy to think my little story is brining a smile to someone else. And it has become an interesting accountability tool, too! Now I look forward to saying hello to my online community of friends. If I miss a few days, I miss connecting with everyone in the morning. And it helps me feel motivated to get my mornings back on track.

7. Get help from my husband:

This part is really important. I get a lot of support from my husband with morning waking. Not only with the physical act of waking UP, but also…

Every morning, when our daughter wakes up, he takes care of greeting and getting her changed/dressed/set up with a cup of milk.
And because he does that, I’m able to take my time wrapping up whatever creative thing I’m working on that morning! This allows me to transition into Mom-mode more smoothly… and positively.

Seriously, this daily gift from my husband… it REALLY helps. And I used to feel so guilty about it.
Like, I’m the Mom… I’m supposed to greet our child and do all these “housewife” things…
Wrong! It wasn’t working for us. I have a notoriously hard time cutting off my creative work. And so when I would hear Violet’s little voice babbling from her room, I would feel frazzled, like, “OH CRAP! Ok I need to wrap this up. I need to clean up, grab her some milk. Ugh, I was really on a roll!”
But since I know Jacob is going to go help her, her little babbling noises are more like.. my snooze alarm.
I hear her and think, “Oh, time to wrap up in 5 minutes!”
And I do, and then I go join Jacob and Violet in the living room, and we all watch a little TV together and have more coffee and milk.

And then… the REAL morning routine begins! Haha..

Well, I hope this glimpse into our morning has been helpful.
You know, honestly, even if it just helps you readjust your expectations for your own morning routine, that’s a good thing!
My mornings aren’t glamorous. Usually I only get 20 minutes max to do something creative.
But it makes a BIG difference in my ability to transition gracefully into my… many many many hats. Haha.

Good luck to you with your morning journey,
And seriously… I’m telling you… IF I CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO THIS.

Peace out, kids.
xx, Beth

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  • I heard you on the Bhooked podcast! I’m not a morning person, at all! I try to be nice and gracious in the mornings, but often I’m irritable. I even yelled at my sister once a few weeks ago. Luckily, she understands. Great blog!