My Story

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a Creative Mom who uses art + writing to help myself and others feel accepted and confident in Modern SAHM-life.

Swift & Bloom is my place to share big feelings, self care strategies, homemaking ventures, and things I make during naptime (on the good days).

Oh, and I’m reeeally into yarn! In fact, I’m the Creative Director of FibreShare: an international yarn swap and community of fibre artists.

You may be wondering, “why does she call herself a Stay at Home Mom if she’s actually a Work at Home Mom?”

Well, it’s because I do stay home with my daughter, and she is my first priority.  Always.  So while I have other interests, my true role, where I feel happiest, is in my work as a Mother and Wife. And I love encouraging other women to embrace homemaking and to boldly use the term SAHM!

Just for fun, here are some things about me, outside of my creative work:

  1. Flower patterns are my favorite.
  2. I’m not superstitious, but I am convinced that the number 28 is haunting me.
  3. One thing I like about myself is my laugh.
  4. My house is extremely green. Shades of mint, teal, robin, sage… it’s taken over.
  5. If I had multiple lives to live, I would definitely want to spend one as a lexicographer.
  6. I’m an out-of-practice, slightly-above-average pianist.
  7. I love to bake, but I can’t frost a cake for my life, so I’ve settled into baking bread quite beautifully.
  8. I love horror movies, especially while enjoying a glass of spicy wine.
  9. I rearrange my furniture chronically. By which I mean: switching whole rooms of the house as a “surprise!”
  10. I’m an INFJ.

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