Artist Trade with Amy Lavigne (arosiecrochet)

Early this fall, a crocheter named Amy Lavigne emailed me, asking if I might like to do an artist trade for some of her crochet toys?
Unbeknownst to her, I was actually in the early weeks of pregnancy with our little boy (due March 2020),
so of course I knew he would need his own little stuffed animal, and I said “let’s do it!!

We decided that I would draw her two dogs: Jak and Ted, (who, by the way, have their own delightful little Instagram account)
and in return, she would crochet a set of matching stuffed animals for Violet and the new baby!

Jak and Ted

It took me quite a while to draw her dogs, due to morning sickness.
BUT, that’s the beauty of artist trades: you can set your own pace and just have fun with it!

So several months later, I dove in and drew her two adorable dogs.
Amy wanted them in separate compositions, but liked the idea of hanging the prints as a set, so I drew them with matching bow ties.

I think they turned out quite dashing, if I do say so myself!

And oh my gosh, how ADORABLE are the wee birds she made for my kids?!
(I still love that I can say that now… “my kids” …feels surreal!)
I’m saving them as gifts for when Violet visits her baby brother in the hospital for the first time.
It’ll be so so perfect!

There was actually one other artist trade I managed to squeeze in this fall,
but I already wrapped up the goodies for a Christmas gift, so I’ll share more about that one next year πŸ™‚

Wishing you all a dazzling holiday, filled with laughter and warmth!

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