Do you feel as i do?

The will-be could-be should-be


Wlb. cdb. sdb.

(you don’t have to say it)

Have I?  Have we? Grown-up?

Is this it?

Was it supposed to look like..



Sometimes I remember a piece of me.

Special bold confident young

reflecting, I was a shining moment.


Oh, I was that person. Once;

I wrote. Calmly.

Wildly, purposefully, unpurposefully.

When did i become embarrassed?

I had ambitions. Once.

i have ambitions. too.

Everything to say.

Nothing to say.

So much potential.

So much, is this me?


I can see Me. What I look like sound like act like:

My yellow-glow-home, my yard, the chickens, the steam brushing

the single-pain windows, the dampened piano, brushing

bread-flour off our noses and smiling softly.

The colors

The smells

The loves

that make up the scene


The contentedness.



Why is it so hard to fill the role of your life?

The one you can see

The one you haven’t admitted

Or adored

Or spoken softly to.

The grown-up you that you’re fond of

Like, actually fond of.


Let’s try. You and me. But mostly me. To:

Look back at who you were, are, and will be.  With fondness.


No, Fondness.





© Beth Meyer 2018







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  • Just wow! This is so amazing! I told my girls the other day how weird it is that I sometimes catch myself daydreaming about how my life will be when I get my first apartment or other weird sh–. I mean I’m almost 60 years old for heavens sake. But it just shows two things, we never stop dreaming and we need to be more present in our life right now. This post really brought all that back to me in a crazy way. xoxoxo