First Birthday Traditions: Love Notes, Crowns, and Wildflowers

Violet is almost 18 months old, and I was just reflecting about how much she’s grown (emotionally and physically) since her birthday! It’s amazing!

And so I wanted to share a little birthday tradition we started:
the night before her birthday, I wrote her a letter with a list of all the things I love most about her!
Then I wrapped it in a pretty little box, along with a few handmade treasures.

This is something I’d like to do every year.
I just thought… it would be nice for her to have a physical reminder that my love for her is constant and everlasting.
I hope someday she will look through her little box of love notes, whether I’m alive or not, and feel me wrapping her in a hug!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A letter from me, with a long list of things I love about her personality. Even as a baby, it was easy to identify special character traits and strengths that I admire about her!
  • Her first birthday crown, hand knit with some of my hand dyed yarn! Here’s a link to the free pattern I used.
  • A little ornament I made from pressed violets we gathered together (from our front yard)! Here’s a link to the glass pendant I used.

What are some of your birthday traditions? I’d love to gather more ideas!

xx, Beth

wild violets diy pressed flower ornament

diy pressed flower ornament

hand knit crown for toddler

first birthday tradition knit crown and love note

first birthday tradition knit crown and love note

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