Ten months ago, I had a baby.

(Nineteen. months ago, I got pregnant with a baby.)

And I recently joked with my husband… And he laughed.
Hunched over his dive-bar burger, looking at me with that crinkly-eyed smile in a way that showed his whole heart agreed.

And I recently cried with my husband. And he held me.
Medium-frame suddenly ballooning into a cave of protection and heart-beating-calm.
His whole heart agreed with me.

And I recently yelled at my husband. And he

Parallel on the duvet we looked away at the plaster-bloomed ceiling, waiting for our breaths to sync until one of us (me) cried and we shared in the relief of comforting each other.
It was needed.
Our whole hearts agreed.

It’s too much to explain.
Can’t everyone press their heart to mine and see my script?
Hasn’t everyone felt like this?
Isn’t this humanity?

(Am I doing this right?)

Please say your heart agrees.





© Beth Meyer 2018







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