Painting and Stringing a Magnolia Garland

Violet has recently become interested in picking her own outfits, and it’s been so delightful watching her color and style preferences emerge!

(If you’re interested in seeing our clothes setup that promotes independence, I wrote a blog post about it here!)

Anyways, a few weeks ago, she was very keen to wear this absurd, sparkly, hot-pink tutu

(which I totally impulse-purcahsed at the second-hand shop, btw. Haha)!

So naturally… we got all dressed up and took a girly-girl stroll around the block! Because, why not?!

Well, about halfway around our block, we happened upon a felled Magnolia branch, and spent a LONG time inspecting the leaves.

And it just seemed like we should bring some on home,

so we gathered all we could hold

…by which I mean: I gathered all I could hold while corralling Violet from scurrying off to listen to the sewer drain for the thousandth time πŸ˜‰

And then we slowly meandered home and dumped them on our porch to dry.
(I wish I had taken a picture of the leaf-picking process, but alas, I was living in the moment, and not thinking about blogging, LOL.)

About a week later, we decided to paint the leaves and string them onto a garland for our mantel!

It’s a pretty straightforward project, and was SO fun.

We just used non-toxic Crayola fingerpaints and strung the dried leaves on a hemp cord with a blunt tapestry needle.

I think this is something we’ll repeat for years to come using little treasures we gather on our walks.

Maybe next we’ll add some painted pinecones!

But beyond the finished product, I just love including Violet in homemaking. Even at only 16-months-old, she is capable of so much, and she really got a kick out of seeing her art in action!

What are some of your favorite ways to bring nature into your home with your children? I’d love to hear your ideas!

xx, Beth

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