Baby Hope Chest: Knits and Lucky Charms

We’re having another baby!! We’re so thrilled!
I’m 18 weeks along, and our baby is due in late March. (We’ll be able to find out the gender in a couple of weeks!)

And after a long, grueling three months of sickness, I’m finally happy to come out of hiding and share what I made so far.

I actually started knitting baby items this summer because we knew we wanted to get pregnant. So I dove in and made a little hope chest 🙂

Then, after I was pregnant, I managed to finish a set of matching hats for the family – including one for the baby to wear next winter!

sampleri hats - knit pattern by susan b anderson

Have you ever started a baby hope chest?
What sorts of things did you gather?

I think it’s a sweet way to welcome a new family member into your mind and heart. …And since I wasn’t able to knit much during the first trimester, I’m glad to have a jumpstart on the preparations!

Wishing you a sweet week,

1. A Coming-Home Sweater

storytime scholar sweater newborn beatrix potter knit

The first thing I cast on is this “Storytime Scholar” sweater. The pattern is by Lisa Chemery of Frogginette Knitting Patterns. I adore her aesthetic, and have knit a couple things by her! This particular pattern was especially enjoyable and easy. I would 100% knit it again!

I used Knit Picks Billow in the color “sagebrush.” It was a gift from my dear friend Ashley, so I thought it would be the perfect yarn to launch my baby hope chest projects!

And the creme-de-la-creme… THE BUTTONS.

Oh my word, these Beatrix Potter buttons are beyond adorable.
I ordered them from an Etsy shop in the UK called MiniBuds.

They just pull everything together in the sweetest way!

storytime scholar sweater newborn beatrix potter knit

2. Baby’s First Toy

plum pudding pig knit pig toy for newborn

The second thing I made for baby was a “Plum Pudding Pig” toy. It is so darling!!
I love this pattern! It’s by Ella Austin. She’s so talented and I would love to knit everything she’s published.

(Last year, I knit her “Tawny Owl” pattern for Violet’s Christmas gift. I loved that pattern, too.)

I used a fingering weight yarn to make the pig smaller than specified in the pattern. The CC I used was speckled; in retrospect, it was not a great choice for colorwork. So mid-way, I abandoned the chart and knit solid CC. It turned out really cute and let the speckled yarn shine!

A few finishing touches I added:

  • I re-did the embroidered eyes to be closed with eyelashes
  • I ran yarn through the body (nose to tail) to make the bottom more poofy and the snout more pronounced.
  • I sewed down the ears a bit so they’d flop
  • I sewed the back legs to the body (just a little) so that the pig would sit/lie down instead of stand up.

The yarn I used was a hand-dyed gift from a previous FibreShare partner Studio Meez! It’s really lovely!

One of my favorite details of this pattern is the little knot in the tail. How adorable is that?

3. Lucky Charms

four leaf clover ornaments for baby

This summer, I found TWO four-leaf clovers (a week apart!). It was during my first two-week-wait, and honestly… I was 100% convinced that it was a sign and I was pregnant. Well, I wasn’t. And I was pretty heartbroken. BUT, I went ahead and pressed those four-leaf-clovers, and I gently glued them into these glass pendents, waiting for my little good-luck baby to arrive.

I’m planning to write a welcome note to baby, along with one of these pendants, to stash away as future keepsake. I hope it’ll always bring him/her a smile, knowing that we were eagerly awaiting their arrival! 🙂

As for my spare pendant.. I’m going to tuck it away into our family Christmas box, so that we can all enjoy it together and remember that Summer of hope and good luck!

4. A Cozy Hat

Aviator hat newborn knit

I wanted to make a gender neutral hat that would suit some of the cashmere-blend yarn from my trade with Rhapsody Fiber Arts. This squishy aviator cap was the perfect pattern!

It’s called “Ethan the Aviator” and was designed by Gabrielle Danskknit. I loved the simple construction and will definitely make it again someday.

The buttons add the perfect vintage touch, don’t you think? I found them on Etsy, and don’t laugh, but it may have taken me an *hour* of browsing to settle on the perfect ones, LOL. There’s something so rewarding about finding that perfect button!

5. A Set of Family Hats:

sampleri hats - knit pattern by susan b anderson

I am so pleased with this set of matching hats! We’re already making good use of them this fall, and next year, we have one ready-to-go for our new baby 🙂

The pattern was such a joy to knit: Sampleri Hat by Susan B. Anderson.

I used the most beautiful alpaca yarn by Midwest Fiber Farm, which I purchased specifically for this pattern at the Yellow Springs Wool Gathering in 2018.

I highly recommend this pattern and this yarn!

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  • Just love love love to you and your sweet growing family. Especially touched by the four leaf clovers. My daddy would find them and mail to momma when they were “courting”. The little frames are so cool. I’m going to search for some of Daddy’s clovers and try to make something similar. My girls can put on their Christmas trees! xoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxooxoxooxoxoxoooxox