My New Favorite Craft: Knit and Crochet Toys

It’s been a quiet December on the blog-front,
because… well… when you’re a parent, Christmas is a lot of WORK!

I mean, of course I enjoyed it! (I don’t want to sound like I’m in a huff. LOL).
It’s a privilege to impart that Christmas magic to my daughter!
To see her little face light up on Christmas morning…

But… there was definitely a moment on Christmas Eve,
at midnight,
when my husband was in the kitchen making a fat stack of pizzelles,
and I was in the living room groggily wrapping the last few presents,
that I realized:
DAMN, this is kind of EXHAUSTING.

It made me feel very thankful for my own parents,
who put in decades of Christmas Eves (and somehow made it look easy-breezy).
And it also made me feel very thankful for my cheerful husband,
because he’s my permanent partner-in-crime for all the Christmases to come!
(Plus, he is now an excellent pizzelle-maker. SCORE!)

But I think what I’ll remember most from this Christmas season,
is that I became totally immersed in making gifts for Violet.
It all started when we planned to give her a little play kitchen (from this Etsy shop), and naturally I wanted to give her some play food.
So I knit lots of little cakes and treats,
and I even taught myself how to crochet so I could make her some fruits!
But what started as an economical toy solution, turned into a new passion!!

Yeah, I am kiiiiind of obsessed with making toys!
Here’s why:

  1. They’re adorable: It’s hard to not smile when you’re working on something silly and whimsical.
  2. Instant gratification: Many toys can be finished in one day! Or one week! Hey-O!
  3. New Techniques: Making toys has taught me tons of new little tricks, and feel like a more competent knitter!
  4. No gauge: You literally don’t have to worry about gauge. Big yarn + big needles = a big toy. Little yarn + little needles = a little toy!
  5. Low Yardage: You can make toys out of scraps!
  6. Economical: It’s cheap to make your own toys, and they’re extra sentimental!
  7. Gratifying: Seeing your loved one hug your handmade toy is soooo sweet and rewarding!
  8. Great for Cast-on-itis: You can have like 10 toy WIPs at once, and it’s ok because you can actually finish them all. LOL.
  9. Makes you look like a REALLY good Mom: LOL! Enough said!
  10. Keeps you focused on family: You know that feeling when you have to drop your needles in the middle of a row and you feel kind of salty about it? Well, when you’re literally knitting a silly toy for your child, it’s easier to remember that knitting is just for fun, and you can pick it up later.

And most of all: it was so good for my mental health to prioritize knitting every day. Toymaking reminded me that each day feels a little bit better if I make time to knit!

If you’re interested in looking up any of the patterns I used, here’s a link to my ravelry project page.

Do you have any favorite knit/crochet toy patterns? Please share in the comments because I’d love to check them out!

Until next time,

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